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The Timeless Designs Story

The kitchen and bathroom design industry has exploded in popularity in recent years, but one local company, Timeless designs, has been quietly designing distinctive kitchens and bathrooms for fifteen years.. 

Timeless designs is located in a historic wood-frame building in Duxbury's Snug Harbor, and its business philosophy fits the picturesque, small town location. Founded by Scott and Erin Kulda in 1997, Timeless Designs is in a sense a mom-and-pop operation, and the Kuldas have grown their business the old-fashion way, one client at a time.

Rather than saturating the area with television and newspaper advertisements, Timeless Designs has preferred to follow a more unassuming path. Its business has been built almost exclusively on word-of-mouth, and referrals from builders and architects. Over the years Timeless Designs has earned an extremely loyal client base and a matchless reputation for service and quality, and the company now designs about 120 kitchens a year on the South Shore and Cape Cod.

As one might expect from a business built on referrals rather than flashy advertisement, personalized service has been the cornerstone of Timeless Designs from the very start. Although its showroom and products rival those of its competitors, Timeless Designs has instead opted to distinguish itself from the competition with its creative and thoughtful designs.

Timeless Designs has three full-time kitchen and bath designers on staff, each of whom has roughly twenty years experience in the business. That is a remarkable level of expertise that one would be hard-pressed to find at other kitchen and baths design outlets, but the designers, approach to the design process is even more rare.

Timeless Designs uses only hand-drawn plans and renderings, and every designer drafts architectural-quality drawings in full perspective for each of their projects.